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College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

"2015 Department of Art Faculty Exhibition"

The exhibition is a formal presentation of recent accomplishments by the faculty in the UNI Department of Art and includes painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, photography, mixed media, and installation art as well as art history scholarship. The exhibition is an opportunity for students and the public at large to experience current themes in contemporary art. The opening reception begins at 7 p.m., Monday. Nov. 2, in the Kamerick Art Building (KAB) south lobby. Please note, the Gallery will be closed during the university’s Thanksgiving Break from Nov. 21 through 29.

Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: The Heritage of the Bible in the Qu'ran

John Burnight, assistant professor of religion, will present "Abraham, Moses and Jesus: The Heritage of the Bible in the Qu'ran." His presentation will examine a number of the Qur’anic passages discussing these and several other biblical figures, highlighting the important role that each plays in Islam. This is the first in a three-lecture series sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and World Religions on the topic "Islam and Iowa Politics." For more information, contact Martha Reineke at  

Paddy Woodworth Lecture: Ecological Restoration in the Climate Change Century

Irish author Paddy Woodworth will present his assessment of ecological restoration as a key conservation strategy in the face of accelerating environmental degradation and climate change. Copies of his recent book, Our Once and Future Planet, will be available for purchase and signing. This free event is sponsored by the Tallgrass Prairie Center and Friends of the Tallgrass Prairie Center.

Earth Science Week - Bad Movie Night

As part of National Earth Science Week, the Department of Earth and Environmental Science presents for its BAD MOVIE NIGHT "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!", a horrible film that has an equally horrible depiction of science, specifically, meteorology, astronomy and pretty much anything that is logical. Siobahn Morgan will provide commentary concerning the bad science, as well as general bad acting and special effects. Free, but not for the faint of heart or anyone who can't tolerate bad movies.

Earth and Environmental Science Seminar

"The Winneshiek Lagerstatte and Decorah Impact Structure - An Unusual Setting for Exceptional Fossil Preservation", by Huaibao (Paul) Liu, University of Iowa, IIHR, Iowa Geological Survey. There will be discussion of recent findings in northeastern Iowa, including fossils of large (2-meter long) sea creatures associated with a recently recognized impact structure around the Decorah area.


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