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College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

UNI Interpreters Theatre presents “In Real Life”

DIVE IN to COURSEGOLD. Mythical beasts, dangerous quests, and rapidly rising inflation? Anda and her in-game alter-ego, Kali, join forces with rough-and-tumble Sarge to rid Coursegold of economy-ruining Gold Farmers. But an encounter with a Gold Farmer makes And a question what she’s really fighting for. What happens when in-game and out-game collide? What happens when in-game becomes IN REAL LIFE?

UNI Interpreters Theatre presents "Animal Rites"

ANIMAL RITES is a one-man show, by guest artist, LSU's Christopher Collins, Ph.D., that brings the relationship between human and nonhuman animals to the forefront. ANIMAL RITES, based on the text by Cary Wolfe, weaves together prose, poetry, and dramatic monologues in an attempt to highlight the way we discuss, theorize and perform our relationship to nonhuman animals. The show uses posthumanist theory to provide a “biting” social commentary on our animal rituals and their subsequent environmental impacts. If you have ever wondered, “why do people dress up their dogs?” you may just find ANIMAL RITES perfect for your investigative appetite.

Hearst Lecture Series: Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe will present "Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt." 

Necessary Trouble is the definitive book on the movements that are poised to permanently remake American politics. We are witnessing a moment of unprecedented political turmoil and social activism. Over the last few years we’ve seen the growth of the Tea Party, a twenty-first-century black freedom struggle with BlackLivesMatter, Occupy Wall Street and the grassroots networks supporting presidential candidates in defiance of the traditional party elites.


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