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Big Data, Small Satellites: Using Daily Earth Imaging to Change the World

Joe Breu, team lead for the global ground station network at the Earth imaging company Planet Labs, will outline the brief history of Planet Labs and its mission to provide information to those that can effect global change for the better. It will cover the capabilities of Planet's spacecraft, their engineering and design process, orbital mechanics, and the global ground network that provides services to the satellites. It will also demonstrate a full-scale model satellite.

Seed Collecting Prairie Walk

Daryl Smith and Bruce Stiles will lead the prairie walk. Paper bags for seeds will be provided. Meet at the Thunder Ridge Mall parking lot in Cedar Falls before 4:30 p.m. to car pool/caravan to the prairie. For those who want to join the group at the site, the prairie is located at the intersection of Butler and Mark roads. Park on the east side of Butler road south of the intersection near the sign of the west entrance.

"Department of Art Faculty Exhibition"

The exhibition is a formal presentation of recent accomplishments by the faculty in the UNI Department of Art. It is an opportunity for students and the public at large to experience current themes in contemporary art and also to meet artists who not only teach but also maintain vibrant professional careers in studio art, graphic design, art history, and art education. The opening reception begins at 6 p.m., Mon., Oct. 9, in the KAB South lobby.

UNI Interpreters Theatre presents "Genuine Cigarettes"

Ian, a 24-year-old alcoholic and college dropout, sits at the local hole-in-the-wall bar. During his time there he interacts with the various patrons discussing everything from cigarettes and vaping to an existential crisis. Written by Kelso Breitsprecher, Genuine Cigarettes is a dramatic one act play that aims to say the dark things that everyone knows but no one talks about.

UNI Interpreters Theatre presents "In Real Life"

DIVE IN to COURSEGOLD. Mythical beasts, dangerous quests, and rapidly rising inflation? Anda and her in-game alter-ego, Kali, join forces with rough-and-tumble Sarge to rid Coursegold of economy-ruining Gold Farmers. But an encounter with a Gold Farmer makes Anda question what she’s really fighting for. What happens when in-game and out-game collide? What happens when in-game becomes IN REAL LIFE?


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