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Division of Student Affairs

Professional Development

March 3rd 1:30-3:00

Location: CME 109
Title:  Worms, Phishing, and other Slimy Stuff
Presenters: Ken Connelly, Ben Arnold, Sam Barr

Description: Worms and phishing don't always mean a leisurely weekend outing.  Breaches, data loss and compromised accounts are finding their way into the headlines more frequently than ever.  Find out more about malware, how it affects your computer, what your friendly IT staff are doing to help, and steps you can take to protect yourself.

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The Professional Development Committee was developed to support and communicate the professional development opportunities for Student Affairs staff. Committee members include:

Co-Chairs - Carol Fletcher and Timothy Klatt
Ashley Brickley Renae Carrillo Roxanne Klepper Shelley Matthews
Anna McGee Heidi Riese Jennifer Suchan  Todd Thomas