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Division of Student Affairs

Healthy Campus Coalition


The Healthy Campus Coalition (HCC) is an initiative of University Health Services that takes a campus-wide approach to creating a university environment that supports the health, wellness, and safety of its members through awareness, education, policies, practices, and services.

Current Membership


Amandajean Freking Nolte

Health and Recreation Services

David Towle, Shelley Matthews, Dana Foster

Department of Residence

Carol Petersen, Lisa Krausman, Nick Rafanello


Currently Vacant

Health, Physical Education, & Leisure Services

Oksana Matvienko, Amanda Lappe

Student Involvement Center

Steffoni Schmidt

Dean of Students Office

Leslie Williams, Heather Place

Academic Learning Center

Emily Borcherding

Northern Iowa Student Government

Beth Sullivan

Student Wellness Services

Mark Rowe-Barth (Chair), Shawna Haislet


The Healthy Campus Coalition (HCC) is an outgrowth of two previous groups. In 2008, a campus-wide task force was formed by Vice President for Student Affairs to assess the campus environment relative to alcohol use and high-risk drinking. The group produced a set of recommendations that guided work that followed. Among the recommendations was the formation of a standing Alcohol Advisory Committee. The committee was formed under the leadership of the Director of Counseling Services and functioned from 2009 to 2011.

Approved by Vice President for Student Affairs August 1, 2011.

Approved October 1, 2012. Replaces previous version implemented August 2011.