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Is the transcript held until payment is received?

Transcript requests are processed immediately whether or not payment is included. If the request does not include payment, the transcript will be mailed and a bill will be generated and sent to the requestor's current billing address.  Transcripts or certificates will not be released until all delinquent accounts have been paid.  If you have questions on your delinquent account please call Office of Business Operations at 319-273-2164 or e-mail the Cashier's Office.

If I fax/email my transcript request, how can I pay you? Should I mail a check with the original request to your office?

If payment does not accompany the Transcript Request Form, our office will send you a bill in the mail (to the address that you have listed in the Student Contact Information section) for the total cost of the transaction. Please note that this will not delay the delivery of your transcript.

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