Is the transcript held until payment is received?

Transcript requests are processed immediately whether or not payment is included. If the request does not include payment, the transcript will be mailed and a bill will be generated and sent to the requestor's current billing address.  Transcripts or certificates will not be released until all delinquent accounts have been paid.  If you have questions on your delinquent account please call Office of Business Operations at 319-273-2164 or e-mail the Cashier's Office.

If I fax/email my transcript request, how can I pay you? Should I mail a check with the original request to your office?

If payment does not accompany the Transcript Request Form, our office will send you a bill in the mail (to the address that you have listed in the Student Contact Information section) for the total cost of the transaction. Please note that this will not delay the delivery of your transcript.

How do I request a transcript?

A Transcript Request Form must be completed in order to request a transcript. Students may stop into our office at 115 Gilchrist Hall and fill out the transcript request form. Photo identification is required. If another individual is picking up your transcript, you must supply them with a note that includes your release statement and signature. This individual must also have their photo identification with them.

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Can I have my directory information holds removed by calling the Registrar's Office?

A signed release is required to remove directory information holds; therefore, we are unable to lift the holds by phone. You may come to our office in person to have the holds removed, or you may do so electronically through your MyUNIverse account.

I don't remember my student I.D. number. Can this number be given to me over the phone?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits a school from disclosing personally identifiable information from students' education records without the consent of an eligible student.  Due to this, a student number may not be given over the phone to protect the privacy of the student.  If filling out a form that requires this number, please substitute your social security number or visit the office with photo identification to obtain the number. 

How do I request another copy of my diploma? What is the cost?

Diploma replacements are issued in our current style and size of 8 1/2 x 11 inches.  There is a $25.00 replacement fee.  If you wish to place an order please complete the Diploma Reorder Form. This form must be accompanied by a check made out the University of Northern Iowa and may be returned to the following address:

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When will diplomas be mailed out?

Your diploma and internal grade report will be mailed to your home address (given on the Commencement RSVP) at the end of the month following your graduation date, after grades have been reported by the faculty and eligibility for graduation has been determined. If you wish for your diploma to be mailed to a different address after submitting your graduation application, please notify Irene Elbert.  Irene can be contacted at or call 319-273-2216.

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