Student Resources

Most students know the Professional Readiness Program by the courses it administers: Business 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000, but the program includes much more than that. The Professional Readiness Center offers students guidance on additional opportunities for professional development, business writing and presentation critiques, and meeting facilities. Skill development resources are available to all students online and alumni mentors have volunteered to provide advice on careers, industries, and geographic region.

Faculty Resources

An important element of students’ professional development involves the application and practice of skills within the business college. Although there are important differences between academic and business organizations (a big one being the ability to sleep until noon), we encourage our business majors to treat their years at UNIBusiness as their first job.

Faculty members support their students’ professional development by acting as role models, information sources, and coaches. In this section you will find information on resources available to faculty to utilize in the classroom, information on our Professional Readiness Center, and resources we provide to students to further develop their professional skills.

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