Values and Work Ethic

UNIBusiness grads are known for their hard work, ethical values, and community service.  Our students begin with strong family and community values, but putting those values to work in the business world requires both motivation and professional development. 

  • Sign the CBA ethics pledge.
  • Identify and reflect on your own values, strengths, and leadership style.
  • Get involved with an organization committed to serving a community
  • Reflect on ethical challenges and decide where you stand on corporate responsibility, inclusion, spirituality, social justice, economic policy, and personal relationships.
  • Take a stand or solve a problem.
  • Explore the social and community service activities of companies recruiting in your major.
  • Earn a scholarship.
  • Identify service opportunities that fit your professional, personal, and lifestyle plans.
  • Mentor a younger student to take on your current service roles.

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