Professional Activities

Students show career readiness with internships and professional activities. Success requires a broad range of communication and leadership skills.

  • Join the organization for your major and attend all the meetings.
  • Learn how professionals use basic productivity tools such as shared calendars, email, and word processing software.
  • Take responsibility for a club event, project or activity
  • Apply for a summer internship or co-op position.
  • Run for an office in your student organization
  • Apply for a summer or semester internship or career-related position.
  • Hold an executive position or take responsibility for a major project in a professional club.
  • Professional Productivity
    continuous improvement mindset
    time management
    People Skills
    conversational skills
    emotional intelligence
    Demonstrating Professionalism
    projecting confidence
    presentation skills
    presentation technology
    Finding Help
    If you'd like to work with a mentor, visit the Office of Professional Distinction at CBB 5 or make an appointment by emailing

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