Professional development doesn’t take a break!

Homework all done, finals almost here, just that one last project and it’s OVER!
Sort of.

In between the accounting principles and finance formulas, you’ve also been developing professionalism skills, and those don’t take a break! In fact, your holiday break adds another opportunity.

  • Get the phone numbers. You made some contacts this semester. Maybe you called them “classmates” or “team members” or “professor”, but they are now members of your professional network. After you graduate, you’ll have a question, need to hire a good employee, or want help on a community project. Get that last name spelled correctly in your phone this week! UNI alumni make up the bulk of Iowa’s business community, and you are on your way toward becoming part of that great group!
  • Keep your promises. Did you tell anyone you’d stay in touch over break? Look up a contact at your hometown bank? Keep an eye out for an internship? Send a photo that’s still on your phone? Good manners and your professional reputation require that you get those chores done. Next semester (or at you new job), you’ll want to be known as somebody trustworthy, ethical, and professional.
  • Update your resume. Your career history doesn’t start (or stop) with a new job. Every time you finish a major project, earn an award, or add a major responsibility, you’ll update the document. The resume needs to be accurate and up-to-date when you suddenly find yourself with a promotional opportunity, and you should be in the habit of assessing your own performance regularly. Did you act as an event chair for a student club? Work on a class project for a real client? Earn a College of Business award or endorsement? Realize you have a skill set or interest that you can showcase? Get it on there!

    Want more information about networking? No better place to start than The PRP’s online resource site!


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