Here’s why people aren’t answering your emails

Ever emailed a question to someone and never received an answer?
Ever sent an important update or problem only to be told, “sorry, I didn’t read your email.”

It’s easy to blame others for not responding, but it might be your email!

1. Make sure your NAME shows at the top, not just your CAT ID. People don’t respond to strangers.
2. Create a subject line that says what you want, and when. “Important!” just looks like spam.
3. Start with your main point. Readers get distracted (or bored) quickly; don’t be TLDNR.
4. Keep the look professional. all lower casewithout spaces or punctuation doesnt look important
5. Read and revise the message before you send it. First drafts are seldom crystal clear to a reader.
6. Send the email in the morning. Messages at the end of the day show at the bottom of tomorrow’s mail.
7. Don’t get complicated. If the reader needs to think, you probably should have phoned instead.

(This article from the Harvard Business Review explains why some of these simple things matter so much!)

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