Ten ways to look smart (even if you aren’t)

Got those days when you just feel like you aren’t selling yourself? Even when you don’t feel so smart, you can fool the crowd. Check out these tips from Forbes:

1. Pass on the drink. Even when it’s non-alcoholic.
2. Use a middle initial. An extra couple make the ratings go up even more!
3. Make graphs. How do you think those smart econ majors get their reputation?
4. Believe in yourself. Remember all those smart things you’ve done and give yourself a pep talk.
5. Write with short, simple words. Trying to use big, smart words doesn’t work.
6. Speak with expressive speed, inflection, and volume. No monotone!
7. Make eye contact. This also makes you look sincere and truthful.
8. Wear nerd glasses. Classic nerd is smart, never dorky.
9. Work at the same speed everyone else does. Your mom always told you to quit dawdling.
10. Dress for success. No surprise there!


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