Use 10 minutes of every class to develop 17 success habits

Ten minutes left in class….just waiting for the clock to tick? Instead, practice the 17 things that Business Insider says successful professionals do in the last 10 minutes of every workday.

It’s a new school year and another chance to develop your professional distinction!

1. Stay focused. The employee who spaces out for 10 minutes each hour is working at only 95% efficiency. If you say you “give 110% to everything you do” then practice that now!

2. Update your to-do list. What did today’s class change about your homework plans? your study guide?

3. Review your notes. What did you learn today? What can you feel good about finally understanding?

4. Set goals for the next step. What do you need to review tonight or ask tomorrow?

5. Decide whether you’ll come back. Missing a class happens, but it should be planned, not as a random whim later. Tell your professor if you’ll be absent.

6. Reflect on your learning. How did today’s material fit into the rest of the semester? Your major? Your career expectations?

7. (Once you’re dismissed) manage your texts. Say no immediately to random invitations to change your schedule, but scan quickly for urgent messages from your project teams.

8. Say goodbye. That person sitting next to you might end up being a valuable customer someday. Get acquainted, by name, and then be polite to all your associates.

9. Double check the schedule. You aren’t going to forget next week’s quiz, are you?

10. Check in with your team. Didn’t get that article read for your project? Don’t just walk out without letting your team know what’s going on.

11. Organize your binder. Remember how you just stuffed papers and permission slips into your backpack when you were in third grade? Don’t be a third grader.

12. Look around for your team. Is someone trying to tell you she didn’t get the article read? Don’t just bolt out the door without scanning for colleagues.

13. Know your plans. When a classmate asks whether he can call to get the link you mentioned, you need to tell the truth. Don’t say, “sure, any time!” when you’ll actually be at work until 11:00 pm.

14. Say,”bye!” to the professor. You don’t need to chat, but don’t treat professors as though they were inanimate objects. Objects can’t write reference letters.

15. Smile. Even if you’re just relieved the class is over, it’s good for your soul and for the poor folks waiting in the hallway to come in.

16. Don’t forget your coat. Oh, wait. You should have done that before you left your dorm room. Winter will come. Don’t get caught!

17. Scoot onto the next class. Leaving this one efficiently means you’ll be ready to set up for the next one. Don’t stop and play four-square.


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