Four team skills you should talk about in the interview

Every business major knows recruiters are looking for team skills, but we’ve heard some crazy interview stories!

Asked to describe a successful solution to a frustrating team situation, one interviewee proudly explained that she had taken over the team meetings, set goals for everyone else, and forced the others to get the work done to her standards. Great strength of Command, perhaps, but precisely the opposite of what the recruiter meant by teamwork.

You’re probably in the middle of a couple of team projects right now: what skills should you be developing? Focus on high-visibility meeting-leading skills. (This HBR article explains why a team works better when everyone can run the meetings.)

Get the most out of your team learning experience by having each team member lead at least one meeting. You’ll actually learn more by coaching each other through the steps, and your project will run more smoothly because you’re all paying attention. Focus on just four skills: 1) create a complete, accurate agenda and distribute that before the meeting, 2) keep the conversation on track so the meeting follows the planned agenda, 3) when a decision is on the agenda, make it, and 4) create and keep records of the meeting outcomes. (The PRP Website has more details on each of these teamwork skills and more!)


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