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Policies and Procedures

4.17 Payroll Withholding

  1. A. Payroll withholding programs are permitted according to the following guideline:
    1. Withholdings authorized by federal or state laws.
    2. Withholdings in connection with employee retirement and insurance plans approved by the State Board of Regents.
    3. Withholdings authorized by individual employees for institution-wide contributive programs of direct benefit.
    4. Withholdings authorized by individual employees for United States savings bonds.
    5. Withholdings for amounts due the institution from and authorized by its employees. (Board of Regents Minutes March 23-24, 1988, pp. 628-629)
    6. Withholdings for amounts authorized by individual employees for dues for the convenience of organizations which relate to employment conditions, such as union organizations or university-wide professional organizations. Payroll withholding programs in this category shall not be initiated without 100 participants at Iowa State University and University of Iowa, 50 participants at University of Northern Iowa and 25 participants at Iowa School for the Deaf and Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School, unless justification exists for fewer participants; payroll programs in this category may be discontinued if the number of participants falls below 25. Each payroll withholding program in this category is to be submitted to the board of regents for approval. Any payroll withholding program may be discontinued by the Board if a request for a new withholding program has higher priority and cannot be accommodated within existing withholding procedures.
  2. Each Regent institution will require the employee or eligible organization to submit written authorization for payroll withholding for each withholding program, including the assent of the spouse of the employee, as required. For programs which require assent of the spouse, both the signature of the employee and spouse must be notarized.
  3. The business officers are required to maintain such records as necessary for audit purposes.
  4. Following is a list of payroll withholdings authorized: (Board of Regents Minutes March 23-24, 1988, pp. 628-629)
  1. Federal income tax
  2. State income tax
  3. Federal Social Security and Medicare
  4. Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System
  5. TIAA-CREF Retirement Annuities and Substitutions Therefore
  6. Group Medical Insurance
  7. Group Life Insurance
  8. Group Disability Insurance
  9. Parking Fees and Fines
  10. Salary Advances
  11. Accounts Receivable
  12. U.S. Savings Bonds
  13. Employees' Credit Union
  14. United Fund
  15. Deferred Compensation and Tax-sheltered Annuity Programs
  16. Insurance Premiums As Authorized by Section 79.17 of the Code of Iowa
  1. Artists Series Tickets
  2. Theatre UNI Tickets
  3. UNI Wellness
  4. KUNI contribution
  5. Rent UNI
  6. Athletic Tickets
  7. Perkins Loan
  8. Lost Keys
  9. Child Support
  10. Wage Garnishments
  11. Tax Levies
  12. Dependent Care Plan
  13. Un-reimbursed Medical Plan
  14. UNI Child Care
  15. UNI Alumni Association
  16. Old Gold Yearbook
  17. Laptop Computer-Late Fees
  18. Supplemental Long Term Disability Insurance

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Board of Regents, State of Iowa Policy Manual, 7.02 E.