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Policies and Procedures

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To designate operational Policies and Procedures for the University of Northern Iowa; to define policy and procedure initiating authorities; and to establish the framework and standard format for the development, review, approval, and dissemination for University policies and procedures.

Policy Statement:

The University of Northern Iowa Policies and Procedures shall include and document the policies and procedures applicable to the entire University.  The University Policies and Procedures shall be on the University website. 

  1. University policy recommendations may arise from several sources within the University but the most usual are: the University Faculty Senate, the UNI President, the President’s Cabinet, the Northern Iowa Student Government, nonacademic committees, and a wide range of additional committees, most of which report to one of the bodies listed above. Policy also may be imposed on the University as a consequence of actions by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, legislature, courts, or other governmental agencies to which the University is legally subject.
  2. The University shall maintain a Policy Review Committee consisting of seven representatives to review new and revised drafts of University policies prior to consideration by the President and Cabinet.  The Policy Review Committee shall include a student and a representative from each of the three divisions (Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Administration and Financial Services), Development and Alumni Relations, Human Resource Services, and the Office of University Counsel.  The student member shall be appointed by the NISG Senate for a two-year term.  Before a policy is given to the Committee for review, the policy must be approved by a Vice President who has or would have some applicable oversight or, if the policy is from within the President’s division, the applicable administrative head.  The Committee should be given a reasonable amount of time to review and discuss each proposed policy before the policy needs to be passed on to the President and Cabinet.  The Committee may meet with the appropriate drafting person or body before passing a policy on to the President and Cabinet for approval.  The Committee may send back drafted policies to the appropriate person or body for revision until a final draft is approved by the Committee and passed on to the President and Cabinet.  Except for the student member, Committee members will be appointed to three year terms by their respective administrative heads.
  3. The standard policy format is:
    • Policy Number and Title
    • Purpose
    • Policy Statement
    • Procedure (if necessary)
  4. Each University policy shall state at the end of the policy:
    1. the administrative source and date of approval by the administrative source, and
    2. the date of approval by the President and Cabinet (and by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa if required).
  5. All University policies shall be subject to review by and approval of the UNI President and Cabinet. 
  6. Upon receiving notice a new or revised policy has been approved by the President and Cabinet, the University Counsel will forward the new or revised policy to the Office of University Relations.  The Office of University Relations shall be responsible for notifying the campus community regarding new or revised policies.  Each University policy shall be broadcast in summary via e-mail through UNI Online to University students and faculty and staff members.  The e-mail message shall contain the effective date of the new or revised policy, as well as where the full text of the policy may be accessed (i.e., on the UNI Policies and Procedures web page).
  7. The Office of University Relations shall maintain, update and edit the University policy and procedure records.  Each policy shall be published in the Policies and Procedures of the University on the UNI website.  A policy may also be published in other University publications.
  8. The Office of University Counsel shall have the authority to make non-substantive changes to University policies without Cabinet or Policy Review Committee approval as long as the University Counsel discusses the changes with the appropriate persons. 
  9. Colleges and departments of the University are encouraged to formulate and to publish official policy statements and/or procedures for their jurisdictions.  Such policy and procedure statements shall not be inconsistent with official University policy statements.
  10. Policies and procedures maintained in the UNI Policies and Procedures shall be reviewed at least every five years by the Vice President who has applicable oversight or the Vice President’s designee, or the applicable administrative head if the policy is from within the President’s division.

Office of University Counsel, approved June 13, 2011
President’s Cabinet, approved August 15, 2011