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Orientation Checklist

This checklist is a guide for several of the things you should do in preparation for orientation and registration. Keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive, but it does organize a number of tasks that are required as you transition to UNI. It is also important that you carefully read all materials you receive from the University.

Please also note that freshman orientation is a two-day program.  You are expected to attend all sessions on day one (into the evening), and all sessions on day two (which end by 1:00 pm).  See the frequently asked questions section of the orientation web page for more information.


What to do before orientation

Activate your MyUNIverse account

When admitted, you received a letter from the Office of Admissions that included your CatID and student number. This information allows you to access your MyUNIverse account, a personalized web portal. In order to activate your account, visit the UNI web site at, click on the MyUNIverse link at the top of the page, enter your CatID, and follow the directions listed under the "New User" information link. You will be using your MyUNIverse portal during orientation to register for classes.

Immunization Requirement Form

Watch for your immunization requirement form mailing from the UNI Student Health Clinic prior to your orientation session. Complete the form and mail it in, or bring it with you to orientation.  You can download the form here: Immunization Card

Financial Aid Tasks

1)  Review your online Financial Aid Award Notification (accessible mid-spring), available through MyUNIverse within the "Student Center" tab. Paper award letters are no longer mailed to students; all initial awards are available on MyUNIverse. Grants and UNI scholarships are automatically accepted for students. Work study and loans require acceptance via the online award. If choosing to accept a loan, students and parents need to complete separate electronic promissory notes at Your 4-digit federal PIN is required to accept these loans. If you've forgotten or lost your PIN, visit Please read the materials that accompany the Financial Aid Award for more information on loans and other forms of financial aid.

2)   Report all off-campus/hometown scholarships to the UNI Office of Student Financial Aid. This can be done via the online award by emailing or by phone at (319) 273-2700.

3)   View the UNI Online Job Board at Click on the "UNI Job Board - Student Login" link to learn more about on-campus employment and to search for jobs. On-campus employers may be accessible during orientation or could be contacted prior to the start of the semester.

4)   Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at Entrance counseling is required prior to any disbursement of loans to the University. We encourage all students to complete this process if they ever plan to borrow during their collegiate career.

Special Accommodations Request for Orientation Programs

Special accommodations for students and family members with disabilities and/or special dietary requirements will be provided upon request. Please notify us of your needs at least two weeks prior to your arrival. This can be done online as you complete your reservation, by emailing or by calling 319-273-2467. 

ALEKS Math Placement Test

ALEKS is a mathematics placement exam used at the University of Northern Iowa to determine appropriate placement in math course(s). All new UNI students are expected to take the math placement exam at least two weeks prior to orientation. Access ALEKS through your MyUNIverse account (using your CatID login and password). For more information, visit

Foreign Language Placement Test (if applicable)

Students who plan to continue study in a foreign language (French, Spanish, German, or Russian) should complete an online foreign language placement test. The test can be taken from any computer with internet access, and only takes about 20 minutes. Visit for more information and a link to the test. Bring a copy of your results (score and recommended course placement) with you to orientation. It will be more difficult to register for any foreign language classes if you have not completed this placement exam.  Students who take the foreign language placement test will be charged $2.50 on their university bill.

Notify UNI of Previous College Credits

Make arrangements to have a transcript sent to the UNI Office of Admissions for college credit earned by:

Advanced Placement


College Coursework: Ask the college granting you credit to send a transcript to UNI, including any courses that you are currently taking. For example, if you are taking a psychology course through your high school for Kirkwood Community College credit, you must contact Kirkwood and ask them to send a transcript directly to UNI. If you are unsure of whether UNI has received your official transcripts prior to your orientation date, please bring appropriate documentation (such as unofficial transcripts) to orientation. This will provide academic advisors with more accurate information about degree requirements you have already completed.

Please note: You must have official transcripts sent directly to the UNI Office of Admissions for earned college credits from all previous institutions to be entered in your official UNI records.

What to bring to orientation

CatID for MyUNIverse login

You will be logging in to MyUNIverse for multiple functions during orientation, including online registration. You will need your username and password in order to access MyUNIverse. 

List of Exams Taken for College Credit

Even if you haven't yet received scores for Advanced Placement exams, bring along a list of the specific exams that you have taken. This will help your academic advisors to identify which course requirements you may have already completed. 

Financial Aid Materials

1)  A complete listing and the amounts of your hometown scholarships can be reported during orientation. You may also submit hometown scholarship checks during orientation. 
2)  Your (and your parents') Federal PIN. This is the same PIN you used to electronically submit the FAFSA.

Health Requirement Form and Insurance Cards

You should have received the Health Requirement Immunization Verification form in the mail from the UNI Student Health Clinic. If you have not turned in this form prior to orientation, bring it with you to your orientation session. The Student Health Clinic staff will collect copies of your immunization records and can scan copies of your health and pharmacy insurance cards at the Student Services Fair. 

Comfortable Walking Shoes

We will be walking between University buildings throughout the day, so it's important to dress appropriately. 


It's best to be prepared for the occasional rain shower, as we will be walking on campus. 

Light Jacket or Sweatshirt

Temperatures vary between buildings, so layering clothing can be helpful. 

Overnight Stay Essentials

Make sure to bring a fan, because the residence halls are not air conditioned.   Students who stay overnight in Bender Hall will be provided with a fitted sheet, bed sheet, light blanket, pillow, and towel.  You might consider bringing along an extra pillow and an extra blanket (since the one you're provided will be light).


There will be an opportunity for swimming or relaxing in the leisure pool at the Wellness and Recreation Center during Pantherpalooza (evening activities).