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The $320 acceptance fee is specific to the term for which you accept your offer of admission. Ifyou change your term of entry to a new academic year, you will be assessed this fee again.Of the total amount, $225 is applied toward the New Student Programs/Matriculation fee.The remaining $95 is an advance payment on your university bill. If you contract for universityresidence halls, your $95 advance payment will be used to pay your non-refundable $25 housingapplication fee and $70 housing prepayment. If you do not contract for university residence halls,your $95 advance payment will be used as a prepayment on your tuition and fees.If you cancel your admission, your $320 acceptance fee may be partially refundable, dependingupon the date by which the Office of Admissions receives your notice of cancellation. Ifadmission is offered after the deadline for cancellation, the acceptance fee is non-refundable.If you choose to cancel housing but still plan to attend UNI, the remaining $70 will stay on youraccount as an advance payment.