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Information Technology Services


Full Time Employment

ITS is always accepting applications. For full time employment and other valuable resources, visit Human Resource Services. This link will provide information about employment, payroll, benefits, and much more.

Graduate Student Employment

ITS has graduate student positions in User Services.  Graduate students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while earning a stipend.

Student Employment

Are you looking for a great student job with lots of practical experience to add to your resume? Are you interested in a job that makes a big difference to thousands of students each year? Are you an individual who wants to work with people and learn about technology? Most importantly, do you want a job that is right next door to your college classes? If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, then ITS is looking for you.

ITS employs over 90 students each semester.  Positions include Student Computer Center (SCC) Customer Service Assistants, Lab Supervisors, SCC Technicians, Help Desk (CCC) Consultants, AV Production Assistants, Network Assistants, Production House Assistants, Graphic Designers, Programmer/Web Developers, and Receptionists.  All of the positions are on campus, so it is easy to go between class and work.  Our student workers make an impact on the education of many students by providing them with some much appreciated computer assistance as needed. 

ITS hires students around the beginning and end of each semester. We look for people who are reliable, have good communication skills, enjoy working with people, and are interested in developing their computer knowledge. On the job training is available.   We also have advanced positions for those with experience, knowledge and skills.

Current Student Job Openings:

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, fill out an application and drop it off at ITTC 120.  

UNI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Graduate Assistant Job Descriptions
Graduate Assistant - Student Computer Centers (Position is filled for 2015-2016)
Graduate Assistant - Support Services (Position is filled for 2015-2016)

Student Job Descriptions
ITS User Services - Student Computer Center Customer Service Assistant
ITS User Services - Support Services Student Technician
ITS User Services - Consulting Center Consultant I (CCC)
ITS User Services - Consulting Center Consultant II (CCC)
ITS User Services - Consulting Center Lead Consultant (CCC)


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