Name:               Choekyab

Classification:   Senior

Major:              Business Administration

Hometown:      Kathmandu, Nepal


Why did you decide to attend college in the United States? And why did you choose UNI?

I decided to come to the United States because I believe this is where the best education system is and also the best opportunities for me to grow personally.

I have 2 reasons why I chose UNI. Firstly our college has good accreditation and an awesome business program and secondly I wanted to come to a college town with less distractions and a safe environment, this was very important for my worrying mom.


What do you like the most about UNI?

I like how our campus size allows us to have big college privileges like Broadway shows, the first lady coming to the commencement, and so on, but at the same time we have class sizes which has professors knowing us personally. I like how I am Choekyab to my professors rather than just another kid in his or her class.


Do you participate in any on-campus organizations or activities?

I am involved and proud to be an officer in International students Promoters (ISP), UNI Tibetan Students (UNITS) and International Club of Business Students (ICBS).


What is your favorite spot on campus?

WRC!! I love to swim and generally spend time with my friends there. I have a lot of memories of that place in the 2 years that I have been here.


What have you done to help make UNI your home away from home?

The things that make UNI a home for me are my friends who are like my family. And I believe home is where one has family.


What is the one thing you would tell a new or prospective international student about attending a college in the United States?

The one advice that I give new international students is to be open to new experiences, explore everything around and welcome challenges.


How has your academic experience been?

The first semester was tough because of the difference in our countries system of education but I have been learning a lot and growing since then.


How did you determine your major… i.e. did you take a class, consult with UNI programs, inspired by someone or something?

I was raised by parents and grandparents who run hotels, so I was inspired early to someday have a hotel of my own. I believe a degree in business administration from UNI is the stem that extends to my leafy green ambition.



Tell us about any great classes or professors that have helped, inspired or challenged you with determining your career path.

Last fall I had an introductory class in tourism where I rediscovered my love for Nepal. My professor Oksana Grybovych encouraged and guided me to base my researches and projects on my home country, in the process of which I learnt a lot about it and also learnt to appreciate what I have.


Complete this sentence:  At UNI, I am… ?

Here to grow into a better human being.