UNI Faculty & Staff Traveling on University Business

International Students and Scholars Office Services

Please register your travel plans with the university so that your whereabouts will be known in the event of an emergency. Please have a copy of your passport and your travel itinerary available in electronic format.  Please note, within the Travel Registry you will be ask to sign a waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement.  This is a necessary part of the acceptance for involvement with the activity.

It is important to be informed about necessary immunizations and travel safety rules before leaving for a foreign country. Get competent assistance with planning a safe trip and stay healthy abroad. Visit our Health and Safety page for more information on staying safe during your travels. Please e-mail or call us on 319-273-6422 with any further questions you might have.


Study Abroad Center Services

Passport Photos can be taken in the Study Abroad Center, 28 Gilchrist. Click here for more information about passports.

International Teacher Identity Cards (ITIC) can be purchased from the Study Abroad Center.  They provide travel insurance coverage and savings on: airfare, sightseeing, entertainment, shopping, cultural venues, food, clothing, movies and more.  For more information, visit the UNI Study Abroad website or contact them at study-abroad@uni.edu.

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