Programs and Activities

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Selected International Student Clubs and Organizations:

Chinese Student and Scholars Association - Chinese Students and Scholars Association is intended to provide assistance for the students, scholars and friends of Chinese ethnic origin. It promotes multicultural understanding for all campus students and is open to all students interested in Chinese culture and heritage. CSSA hosts special events such as celebrations of Chinese traditional festivals and is involved in university-wide diversity celebrations in order to contribute our culture and traditions to our host community.

International Student Association - International Students Association develops understanding and friendships between people of different cultures and countries through social, educational and service activities.

International Student Promoters - The International Student Promoters (ISP) is a group of students with international educational interest, who seek to promote UNI to prospective international students around the world.

International Friendship Program - International Friendship Program was created to build relationships between UNI students and local families in the community.  The goal of this organization is to promote cultural exchange between international students and American host families.  Students who apply for this program are seeking to learn more about American culture by becoming a part of family and finding a home away from home.  Families volunteer to host an international student as a way to learn about the student's country and to build a friendship. For more information and the student application, please visit  Families wanting to apply to host an international student, please visit

Saudi Students Club - 1. To serve as a source of support and communication for Saudi Arabian Students at UNI. 2. To promote and share Saudi Arabian culture with the UNI community. 3. To serve as a means of communication between the Saudi Arabian Embassy and the Saudi Arabian students at UNI. 4. To promote communication and collaboration between other Saudi Student clubs at other institutions across the U.S. *President and/or Vice President of Finance are the only officers authorized to conduct banking business or transactions.

Taiwanese Student Association - 1. To promote understanding of Taiwanese Culture 2. To secure unity among UNI Taiwanese students 3. To assist and serve new students from Taiwan to accommodate their lives in UNI and United States of America 4. To hold activities in the filed of social, educational, academic, occupational, culture and other humanitarian services.

Turkish Student Association - Turkish Students Association will promote cultural exchange and awareness among the Turkish and UNI communities at large. Turkish Students Association will promote and organize activities for a better understanding and representation of Turkish culture an Turkey. Turkish Students Association will provide and support social, cultural and recreational programs for the club members and supporters. Turkish Students Association will help and to solve the problems of its members and new in-coming Turkish students.

UNI African Union - For people to learn about and share African cultures and languages.

University of Northern Iowa Tibetan Students - The Tibetan student organization (UNITS) aims at promoting and creating awareness of Tibetan culture and history.

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