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Health Services

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013

Our Mission is to lead the University in fostering a healthy personal, academic, and professional environment with programs and services that promote individual and organizational well being.

UHS services can be found in the following locations:

Student Health Center

Counseling Center - Dr. David Towle - Director, 273-2676

Student Health Clinic - Shelley Matthews - Health Clinic Director, 273-7224

Pharmacy - Angela Steffen - PharmD - Pharmacist, 273-2154

Wellness/Recreation Center

Wellness and Recreation Services - Kathy Green - Director, 273-6921

Substance Abuse Services - Mark Rowe-Barth - Coordinator, 273-3423

Violence Intervention Services - Joan Thompson, Victim Services Advocate, 273-2137

The Mandatory Health Fee, automatically assessed to all students taking five of more credit hours and paid voluntarily by others, supports the comprehensive mission of University Health Services, including a broad range of programs, services, and public health initiatives that promote a safe and healthy campus community. The Health Fee assures student access to mental health counseling, clinical care and pharmacy services by licensed professionals. Additionally, the Health Fee assures the availability of services for victims of sexual assault or abuse and for students with eating disorders. Through Health Fee support, all students can access programs and services that raise their awareness to local and national health issues, access consultation and guidance in making positive lifestyle choices, and participate in healthy events and activities. Because of the Mandatory Health Fee, University health services are located on-campus for student convenience.

The Mandatory Recreation Fee, automatically assessed to all UNI registered students, allows students to access most Wellness and Recreation Services fitness and leisure programs and services at no additional charge. Simply by scanning their UNI IDs at various access points, students enjoy convenient state-of-the-art fitness and recreation facilities where the vast majority of UNI students meet for healthy fun and activity.

Our strategic plan guides our decision-making processes, budgeting, and initiatives.