MUMPS Information

The University of Northern Iowa Student Health Clinic has confirmed cases of the mumps and several cases are being investigated in the community. The Student Health Clinic has been working with the Black Hawk County Health Department and the Iowa Department of Public Health on these cases. Students who have been tested or have been diagnosed with the mumps have been instructed to remain in isolation for five days or longer if their symptoms persist. The UNI Student Health Clinic has also been in contact with the University of Iowa Student Health Clinic due to of the multiple cases (100 plus) that they have had on their campus and the measures they are taking to control their outbreak.

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Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The Student Health Advisory Committee is:
  • a dedicated group of students voicing the needs & concerns of the UNI student body.
  • comprised of students and Health Center staff who have an interest and concern about the health of UNI students.

The role of the University of Northern Iowa Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is to inform students about fees, services, and educate students about health issues and prevention. Any recommendations coming from the Student Health Advisory Committee for increases in the Mandatory Health Fee must be presented to the Student Services Fee Committee prior to the SSF development of its recommendations for any given year.

SHAC Responsibilities:
  • Advocate for the health needs of students
  • Advise the Director and University Student Body President on Student Health Clinic programs, scope of services and programs
  • Educate students about Student Health Center resources
  • Conduct outreach to build Student Health Center visibility
  • Assess Student Health Center programs to ensure student needs are met
  • Recommend policy changes to better meet student needs
  • Administer and collects information through patient or student surveys
  • Promote healthy decision making with campus campaigns and programs
Benefits of being a SHAC member:
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Help improve the quality of student life through better health
  • Network with other campus leaders
  • Participation can be documented on your resume for further professional education or careers
Current SHAC members:
  • President:  Erin Gomez 
  • Vice President:  Lisa Daringer 
  • Secretary:  Brittany Holdsworth
  • Members:  Madison Mactavish, Mary Kate Fennelly, John Langer, Lindsey Norman, Jozelyna Calderon, Mackenzie Mertens, Megan Leabo, Megan Hasley, Ali Meinters, Chris Reis, Jasmine Maddox, Derek Bradley, Samantha Habinck, Nnamdi Nwaneri, Aaron Reinke, Renae Beard, Molly Veith, Hannah Meyers, Jessica Haring, Holly Wanninger, Molly Schebler, Ashley Klein, and Andrea Errthum.
To be a part of the SHAC team: