MUMPS Information

The University of Northern Iowa Student Health Clinic has confirmed cases of the mumps and several cases are being investigated in the community. The Student Health Clinic has been working with the Black Hawk County Health Department and the Iowa Department of Public Health on these cases. Students who have been tested or have been diagnosed with the mumps have been instructed to remain in isolation for five days or longer if their symptoms persist. The UNI Student Health Clinic has also been in contact with the University of Iowa Student Health Clinic due to of the multiple cases (100 plus) that they have had on their campus and the measures they are taking to control their outbreak.

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Mandatory Health Requirements

Immunization to measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) is a requirement for all students who attend UNI. To comply with this requirement all students must provide records documenting proof of TWO measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccinations. Please note all the immunization dates must include month, day and year.

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We also must collect information on the status of student's vaccinations against meningococcal disease. Students can provide both the MMR and Meningitis vaccine on the UNI Health Requirement Immunization Verification Form. (pdf) A photocopy of your immunization record is required and should be attached to the Health Requirement Immunization Verification form.

We request that you submit your immunization records as soon as possible. This information is mandatory for all new students and must be on file and in compliance, by the tenth day of the first term enrolled at UNI. If students are not in compliance a $30 fee will be assessed and a hold will be placed on the students' accounts preventing them from registering for any following semester.


For medical or religious exemption from the University of Northern Iowa immunization requirements please refer to the Iowa Department of Public Health Immunization Requirements webpage.

Students who meet the following requirements are not required to provide immunization documentation:

  • Students born before January 1, 1957
  • Students enrolled in online or off-campus courses only. Should students seek to enroll in an on-campus course, they must comply with the immunization requirements.
  • Military exemption, the student must provide a copy of their military ID or copy of their DD 214 papers.

Please mail or fax the documentation to:

UNI Student Health Clinic
Attn: Immunization Office
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0221
Fax:(319) 273-7030


Student’s Name
Student’s UNI ID Number

If you would like additional information regarding meningococcal disease, please feel free to contact the UNI Student Health Clinic, (319) 273-2009 and/or your personal physician.

You can also find information about the disease and immunization by visiting the CDC’s website,

If a student needs a MMR immunization, it is available at the Student Health Clinic, call (319) 273-2009 for an appointment. New students are eligible for the vaccination at the Student Health Clinic beginning with your orientation date.

Newly admitted international students

Health Insurance for International Students

The University of Northern Iowa requires that all International students participate in a qualifying health insurance plan.

Mandatory International Health Requirements

Print and complete listed immunization record for international students. These forms will be required as a part of a mandatory completed health screening during your orientation session.

Health Requirements/Immunization Verification Form (International Students only)
Health Requirements - English (pdf)
Health Requirements - Arabic (pdf)
Health Requirements - Chinese (pdf)
Health Requirements - French (pdf)
Health Requirements - Japanese (pdf)
Health Requirements - Korean (pdf)
Health Requirements - Portuguese (pdf)
Health Requirements - Spanish (pdf)
Health Requirements - Turkish (pdf)