MUMPS Information

The University of Northern Iowa Student Health Clinic has confirmed cases of the mumps and several cases are being investigated in the community. The Student Health Clinic has been working with the Black Hawk County Health Department and the Iowa Department of Public Health on these cases. Students who have been tested or have been diagnosed with the mumps have been instructed to remain in isolation for five days or longer if their symptoms persist. The UNI Student Health Clinic has also been in contact with the University of Iowa Student Health Clinic due to of the multiple cases (100 plus) that they have had on their campus and the measures they are taking to control their outbreak.

For more information, visit our MUMPS information page

For Parents

This is an exciting time in the life of your son/daughter, and it is sometimes more difficult on the parents, often miles away, than on the students. We realize it is also more challenging when your student is sick. The Student Health Clinic is a one-stop health care services and we are centrally located on campus. We offer evaluations of sickness or injury and preventative health exams. We play an essential role in the health and well-being of UNI students by:

  • Preventing illness and disease through health education
  • Promoting responsible health habits.
  • Providing cost-effective quality health care.

We also recognize this may be the first time your college student will see a new healthcare provider. It is important that they share their personal health information during an office visit. Students will need to be able to identify:

  • Medication allergies, Including reactions to the medication.
  • Names and dosage of medication they might be currently taking.
  • Personal medical history, as well as their family medical history.

We encourage students to become active participants in their own evaluation and care. If a student has a condition requiring ongoing care, we are here to assist them. In order for the UNI Student Health Clinic to have the information necessary we request that students:

  • Arrange for copies to be sent of their current medical records or a health summary, if they have a chronic health condition.
  • Make an appointment with a health care provider during the first month of school to discuss how we can assist them in meeting their treatment needs.

We also understand that students are on prescription medications and will need refills while away at school, so we also offer a full-service pharmacy. The UNI Pharmacist is available to fill their prescription needs and to assist in selection appropriate over-the-counter medications.

All registered students, regardless of having health insurance or not, are eligible to use the Student Health Clinic. Please encourage your student to use us. We provide a relaxed, friendly environment so students feel comfortable coming to us for their care. The staff enjoys working with the students and are very aware of health issues specific to this age group. We want to serve as the on-campus health resource for all students and assist them in meeting their health-care needs.

~The University of Northern Iowa Student Health Clinic.