MUMPS Information

The University of Northern Iowa Student Health Clinic has confirmed cases of the mumps and several cases are being investigated in the community. The Student Health Clinic has been working with the Black Hawk County Health Department and the Iowa Department of Public Health on these cases. Students who have been tested or have been diagnosed with the mumps have been instructed to remain in isolation for five days or longer if their symptoms persist. The UNI Student Health Clinic has also been in contact with the University of Iowa Student Health Clinic due to of the multiple cases (100 plus) that they have had on their campus and the measures they are taking to control their outbreak.

For more information, visit our MUMPS information page

Making an Appointment

Call (319) 273-2009 to make an appointment. We function as a general medical clinic and provide evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of health concerns. We offer routine health exams, illness or injury evaluations, mental health services, and coordination of care for chronic medical issues. We can not make an appointment, cancel an appointment, or answer medical questions via email, please call 319-273-2009 for assistance.

On arrival use the self-check- in stations to register for your appointment. If you need to update your insurance information check-in with the receptionist at the front desk. Students should call to cancel their appointment as we do have a no-show fee.

Requirements & Eligibility

You are eligible to use the Student Health Clinic if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Registered UNI student taking five or more hours per semester (three hours or more during the summer).
  • Registered UNI student taking less than five hours per semester (less than three during the summer) who voluntarily pay the student health fee.
  • Spouse of a registered UNI student who pays the health fee.
  • Campus visitor (conference participant, parent, or visiting faculty) needing urgent care. An office charge will be assessed.
  • Faculty/staff may use our services for travel consultations. A charge will be assessed for an office visit and administered vaccinations.


Please see a full schedule of Student Health Clinic hours as well as after hours help, Urgent Care facilities and area Emergency Rooms found at

Referral to a medical specialist

If your condition requires referral to a specialist, the Student Health Clinic health care providers will assist you with making those arrangements. Referral services are provided, if indicated to most of the area hospitals, medical specialists. Students are responsible for:

  • Contacting their insurance to see if the medical specialist or health facility is participating with their health insurance company.
  • Bringing copies of their health insurance cards to their appointment as well as ID such as a UNI ID or driver’s license.

Fees charged by a specialist are independent of the Student Health Clinic. If you have specific questions related to the cost of the visit, you should check with your health insurance company. International students who have transportation related concerns please see information below.

Transportation Options for International Students to Area Hospitals or Medical Facilities

International students needing transportation to scheduled off-campus medical appointments have the following options:

  1. Transportation from a trusted friend, roommate, or host family member.
  2. Transportation to Covenant Hospital appointments.
  • Transportation provided by Covenant’s “Caravan”.
    Call in advance to schedule: 319-272-5895.
  1. Transportation to other local medical facilities. (Sartori, Allen, or Cedar Valley Medical Specialists)
  • Taxi (must call to schedule and patient is responsible for the fare)
  • Bus (check bus schedules in advance)
    • Allen Hospital – Route 3, East Green
      Sartori Hospital – Route 9, Cedar Falls Loop – Purple Route
      Cedar Valley Medical Specialists – Route 1, West Blue
  1. Transportation by staff of International Students and Scholars Offices.
  • Limited to students unable to take public transportation due to physical limitation or per medical provider recommendation.
  • Call 1 business day prior to appointment: 319-273-6421.
  1. Transportation to medical appointments outside of Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.
  • Student must arrange own transportation.
  1. Transportation due to medical emergency.
  • Ambulance transport.
  • Cost of ambulance transport will be submitted to student’s health insurance.