Helen C. Harton, Ph.D.


Professor of Psychology

Graduate Coordinator

Social Area Coordinator

Chair, IRB

University of Northern Iowa


Office: Bartlett 2080

E-mail: harton@uni.edu

Phone: 319-273-2235

Office hours: W 11-11:50; F 11-11:50; 1-2; by appointment

I received my Ph.D. in social psychology from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, in 1998. I teach research methods, the graduate professional issues course (readings), graduate level social psychology, and special topics in social psychology (e.g., attitudes, social influence, interpersonal relationships, prejudice). My research is primarily in the area of attitude change and social influence, broadly defined. Current projects investigate attitudes toward immigrants and other stigmatized groups, the relationship between political orientation and expressions of prejudice, and research ethics (e.g., proper presentation of consent forms, participant views on “big data”). I am co-PI on a grant with Anita Gordon to study faculty views on questionable research practices. 

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Fall 2016 Classes

PSYCH 6205 Advances and Developments in Social Psychology

PSYCH 6285 Readings in Psychology


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Research Interests

My primary research interests are attitude change and social influence and prejudice. I'm interested in dynamical systems approaches, and much of my research has been on the catastrophe theory of attitudes and dynamic social impact theory. I’m currently working on large scale project with Nick Schwab on social influence and health behaviors in the residence halls. I take a broad approach to attitudes and have researched change in attitudes about the self (personality traits), attitudes about relationships (relationship satisfaction), and attitudes toward immigrants (prejudice) as well. Another program of research tests a model relating political orientation to the different ways that prejudice (e.g., toward African-Americans, toward homosexuals) can manifest itself. I am also interested in prosocial behavior and cooperative learning strategies. Finally, current projects include investigations into different ways of presenting consent information in studies, perceptions of ethics in research, and motivations for dance across cultures.


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