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UNI Sport Club Creator (SCF-501)

UNI Sport Club Creator (SCF-501)

The information requested and submitted in this form will become property of the UNI Sport Club Program, a program of the UNI Wellness & Recreation Services Department, and will not be shared with third party groups for any reason.

Read carefully and fill in all of the information requested.

SCF-501 Instructions
This form is for UNI students who would like to create a Sport Club at UNI that does not already exist. The form is setup to help UNI students begin the process of establishing a club who's members share in similar interest in a particular sport or physical activity. The following is a list of information that is required, please have this information ready: Registration Contact Information (typically the person filing this form) Sport Club Information (purpose, demographics, and faculty/staff adviser) Appointment Dates/Times (request meeting with Sport Club Coordinator) After submitting this form you will receive a registration confirmation, within the next 10 business days, with a copy of the information submitted, your sport club's status assignment, and further instructions to follow.