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University of Northern Iowa Forms

Panther Marching Band Registration 2014

All summer information will be emailed to this address, we do not mail hard copies.
You would have been notified by Dr. Galyen.

UNI On-Campus Address (2014-2015)*

If you are living off-campus please write "off-campus" in this space.

UNI Off-Campus Address (2014-2015)*

*Please only complete this section if you are living off-campus during the 2014-2015 school year.

Home/Summer Address

PMB Attire

The t-shirt and hat are required of Wind and Percussion students. They are not required for Guard students.

*Required for first year members.
*Required for first year members.

Wind & Percussion Gloves and Shoes

Wind & Percussion members are required to wear white shoes. You may wear your white high school marching shoes if they are in acceptable condition.

*Required for first year members.

Color Guard Gloves and Shoes

Color Guard members are required to wear a specific style of shoes and gloves. If you are a new PMB Color Guard member please include your shoe and glove sizes so we can order the correct shoes and gloves for you.

Dietary Needs Information

If you have special dietary needs please let us know so that we can accommodate you during band camp.

Emergency Contact and Medical Information

Download the summer newsletter:

When you submit this form you will be redirected to the Panther Marching Band website, where you should download our summer newsletter.

The summer newsletter contains all the information you should need to start the season. The newsletter is not mailed or emailed to students - you must download it from the website. We recommend that you download the newsletter from the website that appears after completing this form.