UNI eLearning Product Roadmap
The current version of our learning management system (LMS), Blackboard Learning System CE8 Enterprise, is being redesigned by Blackboard, Inc. and will require migration to a new system in the next 2-3 years. Blackboard has announced terminating support for our current product in January 2013. If we continue to use Blackboard and implement their next generation LMS (Blackboard Learn 9), we would plan to make a full transition to the new version in Fall 2011.
Semester Phase Activities
Summer 2010 Setup Configure hardware, create database, install application, SIS integration
Fall 2010 Test Deploy test instance of new LMS, develop training materials
Spring 2011 Pilot Implementation of selected courses (10-15 instructors, <500 students)
Summer 2011 Voluntary Implementation Partial implementation (voluntary based on instructor preference)
Fall 2011 Full Implementation All eLearning sections on new LMS
A faculty survey and phone interviews were conducted during the Fall 2009 semester to determine if other LMS products should be considered for evaluation. The LMS Product Evaluation Project - Final Report is available at: http://elearning.uni.edu/information/exec_summary.html.
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