How do I add a non-registered user to my eLearning course(s)?

Only UNI eLearning Admins have the capability to enroll users into your UNI eLearning course(s). For UNI acadamic courses, registered students are automatically enrolled into the UNI eLearning courses daily.

To add non-registered users, please complete the "Contact eLearning Support" form or send an email to with the following information for each user you want enrolled:

  1. Full name of each user
  2. CatID username and/or University ID number of each user
  3. Exact course name(s)
  4. Course role (options below) to enroll each user

Here is the list of available course roles and their respective description, so that you are able to determine what role should be assigned.

  1. Instructor: This role is able to access all areas in the Control Panel and is generally given to those developing, teaching, or facilitating the class.
  2. Course Builder: This role can access most areas of the Control Panel and is appropriate for a user to build and design the course without having access to student grades.
  3. Teaching Assistant: This role is for a co-teacher to the instructor. A user in the Teacher Assistant role has the ability to access all ares of the course.
  4. Grader: A grader assists the instructor in the creation, management, delivery, and grading of items, such as tests and discussion posts. This user also assists in managing the Grade Center.
  5. Student: A student user is the default role for eLearning courses and has no access to the Control Panel.
  6. Guest: A guest typically can only view course materials and does not have access to most of the tools such as: tests, assignments, discussion board, etc. Normally this role is given to visitors.

For a more detailed explanation, please visit:


  1. Please enrolled John Smith (smithjoh; 987654) as a Teaching Assistant into: Acct 1234 Acounting Section 01 Spring 2014.

  2. Please enroll the following users as Graders into "Acct 1234 Acounting Section 01 Spring 2014":
    John Smith (smithjoh; 987654)
    Brittany Johnson (johnsbrt; 987987)

  3. In "Acct 1234 Acounting Section 01 Spring 2014", please enroll:
    John Smith (smithjoh; 987654) as a Teaching Assistant.
    Brittany Johnson (johnsbrt; 987987) as a Grader.

  4. If you have a large number of users (greater than 5 or 10), you can email an Excel file with the requested information.