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Online Testing Obstacles and Tips for Avoiding Them

Working with online delivery of tests in Bb Learn 9 may seem daunting, especially for faculty who were used to the Web CT interface. ITS-ET makes several recommendations to assist faculty in tweaking this Bb Learn 9 Assessment tool for a more effective experience for both faculty and students.

Developing the Same Content for Multiple Course Sections

If you have multiple eLearning sections that contain the same content, you’ll want to take advantage of some of the Bb Learn 9 features that prevent you from completely having to duplicate your efforts. Options are available to copy the course (primarily for use before the semester starts) and for copying individual items from one course to another (available for some but not all tools). While the individual copy option is not available for tests, they can be exported and imported into another Bb Learn course.

Blackboard Instructor Videos

Blackboard has provided instructors using Bb Learn 9 with an extensive resource library. Recently named The On Demand Learning Centerm, the resources can now be found on Blackboard Help and YouTube, and include short, interactive video tutorials and Getting Started Guides, designed to get you familiar with a feature quickly. Four general areas are available for faculty and a section is included for students as well.

Course Dashboard & Notification Settings

The Course Dashboard is an essential part of your Bb Learn 9 eLearning course. Along with the My Announcements module, it contains four notification modules that automatically provide information to users based on their enrollment and their role in the system. The UNI course template sets the Course Dashboard as the default course entry page because of this essential information. While the course entry page can be changed by instructors of the course, faculty are encouraged not to do so for the sake of consistency amongst all the students’ courses.

Checking the Availability of Items for Students

Checking the Adaptive Release Status for All Users for a Specific Item (User Progress):

Instructors can view a list of users within the course showing whether an item is visible to each user or not. This option is called “User Progress” and is available from the action link (popup menu) of the item. An open eye symbol indicates that the item is visible to the user.

Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release can be used within eLearning to control the release of content to students based on a set of rules created by the instructor. Rules may relate to availability, date and time, specific users, group membership, scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, calculated columns in Grade Center, or review status of an item in the course. Once any Adaptive Release rules have been established for an item, visibility of that item is restricted to those users who meet the criteria of those rules.

UNI Bb Learn Course Template

With the introduction of Bb Learn 9, UNI introduced a new eLearning course template to provide a more consistent look and feel for students. The template was designed to align with standards developed by Quality Matters, a nationally recognized organization stressing quality assurance for online education. Quality Matters standards are available for download in a rubric format at http://www.qmprogram.org/rubric. All UNI eLearning courses should adhere to the University's course template as described below.

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