This document contains information relevant for Faculty or Staff.

Turnitin - Originality Check, Online Grading, and Peer Review

UNI has an agreement with iParadigms, LLC that permits campus-wide utilization of their Turnitin products:

Panopto - Classroom Capture

Panopto is a classroom capture software that allows you to create, save, search and share rich media presentations instantly with your students. The software can be installed on Mac or Windows machines. All you need is a microphone and a computer to get started.

Panopto integration with the UNI eLearning System (Bb Learn 9):

Respondus - Exam authoring for Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Respondus is a Windows application that enhances the functionality and usability of the UNI eLearning (Blackboard learn 9.1) Assessment tool. The University of Northern Iowa has obtained a campus-wide license for the Respondus software.

Information about the Respondus software and the Respondus Test Bank Network (a free service that allows instructors to download publisher test banks) is available at www.respondus.com.

How do I copy an existing Bb 9 eLearning course to another Bb9 eLearning course?

Important information (please read):

It is strongly suggested that you complete a "Course Copy" only once AND before you do any design work or add any content in the new course. Completing multiple course copies may result in duplication of content, course files, and Grade Center columns.

How do I change my name in the UNI eLearning System?

Since the Bb Learn 9 eLearning System is integrated with the Student Information System (SIS), biographical updates (name changes, username changes) are now automatically updated daily in the UNI eLearning System.

If you do not like how your name appears in the Bb Learn 9 eLearning System, you will need to change it in the SIS.

Changing your name must be done in person and requires official documentation.

How do I access Panopto from my Blackboard course?

  1. Open a new browser session and navigate to http://panopto.uni.edu/.
  2. In the USER LOGIN frame click the "Login using:" drop down menu and change authentication method to "UNI eLearning".
  3. Click the "Log In" button.
  4. On the UNI eLearning login page enter your CatID username/passphrase and click the "Login" button.
  5. You will gain access to Panopto folders in which your eLearning account (blackboard/username) has been given access to.

What web browsers are supported for use with UNI eLearning?

Blackboard supports four primary browsers for our current version UNI eLearning: Blackboard Learn "October 2014" release:

Workshop: Migrating to Bb Learn 9

UNI faculty planning to use the UNI eLearning system for their Fall 2011 courses who want to use an existing course as a template are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the new “Migrating to Bb Learn 9” workshops. During these workshops you will take one of your existing eLearning courses and migrate it to the new Bb Learn 9 system.

Additional information and workshop dates.

How do I make my Bb Learn 9 course(s) available to Students?

UNI academic Bb Learn 9 eLearning courses are created as "unavailable".

"Unavailable" means that an Instructor has access to the course, but student do NOT see the course listed in their My Courses list. Instructors will have to make the course "available" for students to have access to the course.

To make your course available:

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