This document contains information relevant for Faculty or Staff.

How do I reorganize, edit, or personalize the "My Courses" module?

Users can reorganize, edit, or personalize the "My Courses" module:

  1. After you log into UNI eLearning, please put your cursor on the "My Courses" module's purple header.
  2. A "gear" icon should appear in the right hand side of the purple header. Click on the "gear" icon.
  3. In the "Personalize: My Courses" screen locate the course.

To hide a course(s): Uncheck the boxes under the "Course Name" and "Instructor" columns and then click the Submit button.

How do I allow a student another test attempt?

Note: Please do NOT use the "Clear Attempt" button. The "Clear Attempt" button will delete all of the all information and data associated with the student's attempt; and thus all the data we need to investigate the issue.

To "Ignore" a test attempt:

Instructors: New Features and Enhancements for Fall 2014

The UNI eLearning team will be installing the "April 2014 Release" on Thursday, August 7, 2014.

Instructors: New Features and Enhancements for Spring 2014

The UNI eLearning team installed Service Pack 14 on Saturday, December 28, 2013.

Product Suggestions for Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Inc. is always looking for ways to improve their products. The individuals at Blackboard that collect and manage the product enhancements can be effective advocates;however, they need specific information to help prioritize your case and/or match it with similar requests that have already been received.

New features and enhancements in Service Pack 8 (SP8) and Service Pack 9 (SP9)

New features and enhancements will be coming to the UNI eLearning System in time for the Fall 2012 semester. The UNI eLearning team will be installing Service Pack 9 on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Service Pack 9 (SP9) is cummulative and contains the ehancements and features of Service Pack 8 (SP8). Below is a explanation of the features and enhancements that will be available after the update to SP9:

How do I add a non-registered user to my eLearning course(s)?

UNI eLearning instructors...

You now have the ability to enroll users into your eLearning course(s). With great power, comes great responsibility! So, please read all of this information carefully!

Important Notes:

I can't see the Course Menu

In an eLearning course, on the left-side users should see a menu that contains different links to materials in the course. This menu is called the Course Menu and should look simiiar to this:

Course Menu

Users can minimize or hide the course menu which prevents users from navigating within the course. If the Course Menu is not visible, below are the two options to display the Course Menu again.

Minimized Course Menu:

Is it possible to have students add a photo of themselves to the Blackboard Learn 9 Roster tool?

While it is not possible to add a photo to Bb Learn 9's Roster tool, the Blog tool offers a nice work-around.

Click the URL below to access a Panopto video showing how to set up a course blog and how you and your students can post your photos to the blog. This work-around results in a single blog page for all photos:



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