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LUGs (Living Unit Groups) Ideas

The idea of Living Unit Groups is that you facilitate meaningful conversations, over several gettogethers, for a small group of residents. LUGs with men and women coming together jointly could be developed, discussing relationships and/or differences between them.  Really, any of these LUG ideas could be done just with one gender or with a mix. 

Citizenship Oriented

Icebreakers 1

Why Icebreakers?
· Makes everyone feel at ease
· Creates community
· Allows others to get to know each other
· A great introduction for ongoing team builders
· Icebreakers aim not only to break ice but also to warm the atmosphere…therefore, icebreakers may also be referred to as Warm Ups!
· Breaking ice and warming up is not limited to activities at the beginning…activities can be used whenever ice has frozen communication and needs to be made warm again!

Helium Stick

Helium Stick
Description of a Team Building Exercise
Helium Stick
  • Deceptively simple but powerful exercise for learning how to work together and communicate in small to medium sized groups.
  • Line up in two rows which face each other.

Health and Wellness Programs

(For 2011-2012)
WRS staff can provide the following programs for students (e.g. residence hall houses, fraternities/sororities and student organizations). These programs are facilitated by a member of the professional staff or a Peer Health Educator. Peer Health Educators are UNI students who are trained to design and present health-related programs. In addition, “packet programs” are available for checkout and can be self-led.

Focus Programs

The following descriptions are for some very interesting one-hour small group discussion programs that you can facilitate. Just print out the directions and materials and go for it!


FUN Resource Guide

Enjoy all that UNI and the surrounding community have to offer.  Have a great time participating in campus and community activities.  This will help you feel at home at UNI and just enjoy life! 
Think of this resource guide as an assistant for you to get all that you can out of life in your room, your house, your hall, the Cedar Valley and the region.   
Included in this resource guide are the following: 

Community Team Builder

Your Community: A Guided Journey
By: Amanda Mesirow
Object: To assist coordinators in visualizing their community.
Time needed: 1 hour or more, depending on how much you have people share about their communities.
Materials needed: Paper/pens
Introduction (can be read by moderator):
Most of us know the most important elements of a community: open doors, programming, involved staff members, etc.

Awareness Months

    * Allergy Awareness Month
    * National Immunization Awareness Month
   * Energy Awareness Month
    * National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    * National Dental Hygiene Month
    * National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    * Vegetarian Awareness Month
    * National Adoption Awareness Month
    * National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month
    * National Diabetes Awareness Month
    * National Epilepsy Awareness Month


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