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Advising Senate

Purposes of Hall Senate

The senate is a forum for leadership development. It represents both house and hall residents’ interests by advising the Department of Residence on residential living matters and by planning and supporting activities that encourage outstanding citizenship and scholarship.

Basic Responsibility

Advising Keys

Seven Keys to Advising Hall Government

Educational leadership begins with a vision of the educator. Being the advisor to your hall government requires that you clarify that vision. Determine what values you hope to instill, what skills you hope to develop and what knowledge you hope to impart. Then, set out to challenge and support your hall’s leaders. 
Do three things to succeed:
- First, be a person whose example as a human being provides direction and hope.

Springboard Program Planner

Shaping Your Image

Issue Program Addresses: Body Image
Best Time to have Program: (e.g., homesickness in September)
Materials needed: (include outside speakers, food, etc.)
Healthy food, WRC speaker
Description of program:
WRC programs, hours, classes.  Wellness Lab: Resources.  Health Beat, Counseling Center, Health Clinic.  Give residents something to take with them—brochures, etc.

Social Programs from RAs

Social Programs
Target: Hall
Description: had a bbq and played volleyball
How it built the community: everyone had a great time, got to eat food and play a fun game
Challenges: organizing the food and preparing the food was the most difficult part- 
Bead Night
Target: Female residents.
Description: We made necklaces out of beads.

Roommates Programs



Each RA is required to help every pair of new roommates work through a Shared Space Agreement during the first few weeks of their first semester together. In addition, there are other techniques and programs that RAs and house leaders can use to help address “issues” between roommates.  This publication provides some ideas and tools. 

Good Examples


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