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of Residence


RHA Constitution

University of Northern Iowa 
Department of Residence 
Residence Hall Association 
Constitution & By-laws 

Article I: Name 
Section A: The name of this organization is the Residence Hall Association, hereafter referred to as RHA.  

Article II: Authority, Funding and Affiliation

Senate Constitutions

University of Northern Iowa
Department of Residence
______ Hall
Constitution & By-laws
 Section A:                Hall Senate serves ______ residents at the University of Northern Iowa.
Section A: This organization is affiliated with the Residence Hall Association and derives its power from the Department of Residence. 

Bulletin Board Tips

Here are general tips for creating effective bulletin boards:
· Ask other staff or students for ideas.
· Tear down out-dated materials regularly.
· Organize boards by category (e.g. House, Hall, UNI and Beyond).
· Separate on-going things (library hours, general announcements, etc) from dated materials (specific events, etc). 
· Give a reliable, organized, creative volunteer(s) the opportunity to take this on.  Make sure they are appreciated!

Honors and Awards

Every year the UNI Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary honors students who have contributed significantly to the quality of their communities in the residence system. A maximum of 1% of all students living on campus may receive this honor: induction into the National Residence Hall Honorary.  Each inductee receives a framed certificate and an NRHH lapel pin in a special ceremony. Graduating seniors also receive a stole, to wear at graduation.


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