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NRHH Constitution


University of Northern Iowa Chapter
This organization shall be entitled the University of Northern Iowa Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Incorporated (UNINRHH).
Article II. Affiliation
UNINRHH shall be considered and recognized as an organization separate and apart from the UNI Residence Life Association, yet cooperatively working toward the common goals of promoting and improving residence hall life.
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide recognition for those individuals living in the residence halls who have been of outstanding service, and who have provided important leadership in the advancement of the residence hall systems at the University of Northern Iowa. UNINRHH, in keeping with the DOR Diversity Statement, will not discriminate based on ability, creed, ethnicity, age, national origin, color, race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
ARTICLE IV: Membership of Membership
Section A: Qualifications

1.  Shall have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 at the time of nomination.
2.  Shall have resided in the residence halls during the academic year of selection.
3.  Shall have exhibited outstanding leadership and service in the residence hall system.

Section B: Types of Membership

1.  Active members shall be defined as those who are enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa, living in a residence hall and chosen by the Selection Committee to acknowledge their meritorious service to the residence hall system. 
2.  Alumni members shall be defined as former active members that have left the university or residence hall system.
3.  Honorary members shall be defined as non-students chosen by the Selection Committee to acknowledge their meritorious service to the residence hall system.
4.  No more than 10% of active members shall be made up of non-students.

ARTICLE V: Selection
Section A. Nomination

1.  Nominations must be made on the nomination forms approved by the organization.
2.  Nomination is a self-nomination with a letter of support from one of the following (individual writing nomination must be a current employee of the UNI DOR):
a.  Current/Former Residence Life Coordinator
b.  Current/Former Graduate Residence Life Coordinator
c.  Current/Former Graduate Residence Education Coordinator

Section B: Selection

1.  The selection committee will consist of the President of NRHH, the NRHH advisor and five current NRHH members.
2.  The process of evaluation of the nomination forms will be based on an established point system.
3.  The committee members will meet to select new members in the middle of the spring semester.  Invitations to the honorary will be delivered before the annual recognition event.
4.  The active membership of NRHH shall not exceed one percent of the total number of residents in the residence halls on the UNI campus.
     Occupancy reports for the current semester (spring) should be requested from the DOR and used to calculate 1% of on-campus occupancy.

ARTICLE VI: Executive Structure
Section A: Nomination of officers

Officers of NRHH shall be selected by a majority vote of all active members present at the election meeting, and shall take office at the last meeting held in the spring semester. 
NRHH campaigns/elections should happen within the same timeline as Hall Senate elections. The president shall make all chapter reports as required in Article VII.

Section B: Officers and Duties

1.  The president of the NRHH shall conduct and preside over the meetings of NRHH, which are called at his/her discretion.
     The president shall attend or appoint a representative to attend meetings of the Residence Life Association and national and regional conferences when necessary.  He/she must also work with the Advisor to pay chapter dues on time and submit a yearly budget to be approved by two-thirds majority vote of those present. 
2.  The secretary of the NRHH shall maintain files on all activities, attendance of all active members and minutes of every meeting. 
3.  The student recognition chair shall be responsible for receiving “Panther Pride Awards (PPAs)” and updating the PPA database.  This position should also work with the Advisor to print and distribute PPAs each month.  All submitted nominees are awarded a certificate and pen.

Section C: Advisor

1.  The Director of Residence Life shall select the NRHH advisor. The advisor will take office at the last meeting of the academic year..  Advisors will serve for one academic year, and may be reappointed by the Director of Residence. 
If the advisor leaves the university before the end of his/her term, the Director of Residence Life will select a residence life professional from UNI DOR to serve the remainder of the academic year term.
The advisor to the Residence Life Association is not eligible to be the advisor to UNINRHH.

Section D: Meetings

UNINRHH shall be held at least once a month and/or when deemed necessary by the president.

Section A: Chapter Dues

UNINRHH will pay the required dues per year to NACURH in order to retain the chapter’s membership.

ARTICLE VIII: Chapter Reports
Section A: Affiliation Report

At the beginning of each academic year, a revised list of active members shall be submitted to the NACURH Information Center with affiliation dues and an updated copy of the Constitution.

Section B: Annual Reports

At the termination of the academic year, any information requested by the NACURH Information Center should be sent by the Advisor.

ARTICLE IX: Activities
Section A: Annual Recognition Event

1.  The NRHH will hold an annual recognition event to recognize residence hall leaders.  The event will be held on a date decided by the Department of Residence (Assistant Director of Residence Education). 
2.  Induction of New Member Ceremony
a.  The UNINRHH will hold an annual ceremony to induct the incoming new members for the year.  The induction will take place during the Annual Recognition Event. 
b.  UNINRHH Executive Board and Advisor will conduct the induction ceremony with the Assistant Vice President & Executive Director of Residence and the Director of Residence Life. 
c.  Upon induction, new members will receive an official NRHH pin and an official NRHH certificate.  Graduating NRHH members will receive a blue and white honor cord to be worn at graduation. 

ARTICLE X: Amendments
Amendments to this constitution may be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of the active UNINRHH membership present at the voting meeting.