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Make It Your Place


You are encouraged to personalize your room in ways that satisfy you and your roommate and comply with maintenance and safety standards. It is usually best to wait until you arrive before buying all the things you may want to use. Ideas about room designs and sources of materials, posters, etc. are easy to get from other residents and local stores. As you envision how you want your new space to be, here are some things to keep in mind.

What's Furnished?

Every student room has a central room light, blinds/curtains on the window and a wastebasket. Additionally, each resident has the following: a wood loft with a mattress and mattress cover, a desk and chair, hanging closet space, dresser drawers and a recycling container.

Cable TV

Every room has a cable connection. Mediacom cable services include basic and expanded channel selections. Once on campus, residents may purchase additional digital programming by contacting Mediacom directly.


Bicycles should be parked in racks provided near each hall, using heavy-duty locks. They may also be kept in your room, but only with your roommate's permission. There are ten bicycle lockers north of Bartlett Hall. Rent is $15/semester. Call (319) 273-5374 for information on bicycle locker rental.

Room Dimensions

Because pipes are located in various locations of different rooms throughout each hall we cannot provide exact room dimensions for purposes of buying carpet. A few inches less space here and there will change the dimensions of a piece of carpet. Therefore, do not use the approximate dimensions provided on your Contract Status page for any exact measurements.

A link to view the dimensions is provided on the Contract Status step of your Housing & Dining Contract.

Room Additions

Some residents choose to personalize their rooms by adding furniture from home. While personalizing your room is encouraged, please remember that the Department of Residence upholds requirements that must be met for personal and fire safety reasons.

Room Decorations

Look for products that do not pull off paint or damage surfaces. When you check out at the end of the year, you will be assessed charges for any damages caused by such things as use of tape, screws or tacks on or in the walls, furniture or fixtures. Do not use carpet tape to install carpet because it may break up the floor tile when removed, resulting in charges to you.

Mattresses and Linens

UNI mattresses are 36" wide and either 78" or 80" long. Standard twin fitted sheets may fit and sheets designed for deep single mattresses may not fit. Extra long bed linens are available in most stores carrying a full line of household linen and from our showroom sponsors: Residence Hall Linens (


Paneling or other solid wall covering material is not permitted. Do not use easily combustible material to decorate your room. You are financially responsible for the condition of the room when you check out. It should be back to the same condition as when you checked in.

Other Construction

The construction of second floors or other floor levels in the room is not permitted. Second floors/levels introduce too much combustible material and create high evacuation risks.

Lamps and Candles

Do not use highly combustible materials when decorating. This includes candles halogen touchier (floor-to-ceiling, with bulb facing ceiling) and Medusa (multiple bulb offshoots) lamps.

Halogen Lamp Medusa Lamp
Halogen Lamp Medusa Lamp


Overstuffed Chairs and Sofas

Overstuffed chairs or sofas should be inspected to make certain they will not present health or safety problems. We strongly discourage the placement of these items in rooms because of their potential to contribute to serious fires.

Electrical Modification

No modification of room switches, lights and electrical outlets is allowed, including the installation of dimmer switches, ceiling fans, etc.

Bed Frames and Lofts

All residence halls come equipped with wood lofts (85"d x 39.625"w x 74"h). No outside lofts are permitted.


The University of Northern Iowa assumes no responsibility for room additions you may make. Responsibility for design safety and protection of university property rests with the student.