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All apartments in ROTH are double bedrooms, which means each room houses two people. These living spaces are designed for residents of the same gender. Residents must be enrolled for an entire academic year to live in a ROTH apartment.

One Bedroom - houses two people Two Person Floorplan  
Two bedroom - houses four people Four Person Apartment Floorplan A Four Person Apartment Floorplan B
Three bedrooms - six people and two levels Six Person Apartment Floorplan- Level 1 Six Person Apartment Floorplan- Level 2


Suites can be contracted for a semester or a year. Each suite is designed for a maximum occupancy of 12 people, with rooms availible to single or double occupancy. Each wing of the apartment houses the same gender, but the entire suite may be co-ed. Suites include four bathrooms, two in each wing. The shared kitchen has a sink, garbage disposal, two microwaves, two stoves, and two refrigerators.