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Greek On-Campus Recruiting Guidelines


University of Northern Iowa
 (adopted January 2011)
The following are guidelines that should be observed by Greek students when recruiting and RA staffs who encounter Greek students who are recruiting in UNI residence halls and ROTH Complex:
1.       Door-to-door visits that aren't preceded by invitations from the occupant/s are not allowed.
2.       Recruiters can come to visit directly, but should only do so only if invited to a student's room (whether for a specific time or just sometime). Recruiters from the same hall must observe this guideline, unless they are from the same house, in which case they can engage neighbors in discussions about Greek life, as they interact with them casually within the context of that community.
3.       Recruiters who don't live in a house may be asked by RAs what they are doing there, since the escort policy requires a guest being escorted by host; as long the recruiter identifies themselves and who invited them, the RAs will allow them continue.
4.       Print promotions should come through mailboxes, not posted or left around in the residence halls.
5.       Any materials that are left when a contact isn't home may be slid under the door, but not posted outside the room.
6.       Any concerns by residents, recruiters or RAs should be brought to the attention of the respective hall’s coordinator.