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Get all the social and academic advantages of living on campus


Living in one of UNI's nine residence halls will put you in the thick of college life: dining, classes, the library, computer labs, recreational facilities, athletic events, concerts, performances and activities. You'll meet people who are sure to become lifelong friends.  Students who live on campus earn better grades and are more likely to graduate.

Living on campus is convenient and it's reasonably priced. You'll live with other students who value the safe, secure environment and opportunities for involvement. It means you'll always have something to do and someone to do it with- sharing stories, late-night snacks, class notes, revelations and celebrations.


Continuous Housing

All residence halls are open during Thanksgiving and spring breaks. Five halls - Bender, Dancer, Lawther, Noehren and Shull are also open between fall and spring semesters. There is no added charge to those who stay during any of these break periods.

Living on campus takes a lot of the worry out of college life

  • Washers, dryers, and vending machines are conveniently located in each hall.
  • There's a fully equipped computer lab nearby, wherever you live on campus.
  • Dining centers are located near each residence complex.
  • Bathrooms and common areas are cleaned every weekday by professional custodial staff.
  • Some halls feature game tables and exercise equipment
  • All costs are included in residence hall and dining rates, with simple payments through your university bill.

Other services in most halls make your busy life a little easier:

  • lock-out keys
  • magazine check-out
  • outgoing mail drop-off 
  • flower and package drop-off and notification
  • board games, sports equipment, tools and vacuum cleaner check-out
  • change for vending


One thing is a given at UNI: On-campus living offers distinct advantages when it comes to personal safety.

  • Staff members are nearby.
  • Neighbors know one another and recognize strangers.
  • Residents access their halls by outside door keys; visitors are escorted. Doors are locked nightly at 9:00 p.m.
  • Programs help residents learn how to ensure their own personal safety, protect their possessions and deal effectively with emergencies.

At UNI you'll be cared for - and cared about. That's our specialty!

CP Parking

CP Parking permits are offered to returning on-campus residence hall students.

The Total Value

UNI continues to maintain low residence hall and dining rates among universities in the Missouri Valley Conference. UNI's 2013-2014 rate of $8,190 (double room/unlimited meals) compares favorably to an average cost at 25 other four-year public and private institutions in Iowa.

Living on campus at UNI means quality surroundings, terrific food and great opportunities to get involved and make friends - all at a reasonable price.

Computer Labs and Email

Computer labs are located in several dining center facilities for student access and convenience. In addition, there are six other labs located around campus and labs in Campbell, Lawther, ROTH, Panther Village, and the Bridge Lounge between Hagemann and Noehren.

Some halls have computers in public locations exclusively for e-mail communications and Internet access.


The University of Northern Iowa's Residential Network, ResNet, provides high speed Internet access to students living in the residence halls. Please see the ResNet website for minimum requirements and instructions on how to access ResNet service.