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Bulletin Board Tips

Here are general tips for creating effective bulletin boards:
· Ask other staff or students for ideas.
· Tear down out-dated materials regularly.
· Organize boards by category (e.g. House, Hall, UNI and Beyond).
· Separate on-going things (library hours, general announcements, etc) from dated materials (specific events, etc). 
· Give a reliable, organized, creative volunteer(s) the opportunity to take this on.  Make sure they are appreciated!

Have a central theme to use throughout the year.
· Disney or other cartoon characters
· UNI Panthers
· House names sometime have built-in themes. (Field House, Power House, etc.)
· Sports

Letters can be created using some different approaches.
· Pre-printed letters cut out of magazines, newspapers, or mail flyers.
· Draw letters with glue and sprinkle sand, glitter, confetti, or anything you can think of on top of it
· Use shadow letters by stapling the same letter under each letter
· Make cursive letters with string or yarn

Borders frame your image
· Use residents' names
· Monopoly money
· Paper chain
· Rubber stamps
· Cut a piece of paper in half making different shapes

Backgrounds should make the message stand out
· Copies of residents' faces made with the copy machine
· Dumb junk mail residents get (i.e. Rogaine)
· Wrapping paper, aluminum foil, wall paper, comics from the newspaper
· Checkerboard pattern
· 3-D displays

Topics can be standard or original
· Holidays (remember that not everyone believes in the same things)
· Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall)
· Cramming for finals
· Student of the week or month