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Agenda Preparation


The president of Senate or Community Advisory Board (ROTH) should prepare an agenda for both the execs meeting and the meeting of the larger group (Senate or CAB). 

The primary difference between the exec agenda and the larger group agendas will be the inclusion of (a) a critique of how the most recent large group meeting went, and (b) a discussion of the possible agenda items for the next large group (Senate/CAB) meetings. All agendas should: 
- list what will be done by the group at the meeting
- will be distributed prior to the meeting
- be the result of gathering input from others (discourage “new business” items from being discussed at the meeting; they should be added before, by talking with the president before the standing deadline to add agenda items)
- Work with the rest of the hall executive team to do everything possible to make Senate and Programming Board meetings WELL-ORGANIZED, ENJOYABLE, INFORMATIVE EVENTS that people like to attend. Be creative and have fun. It will catch on.

Sample Agenda:

Tweezle Hall Senate
September 15, 2004
TV Lounge
I. Opening (president, <5 minutes)
     A. Remarks [thanks, observations, changes in procedure] (president, <5 minutes)
     B. Some kind of “what’s up with you this week?” ice-breaker (as delegated, 5 minutes)
II. Review [from the minutes] of September 1 Senate Meeting (president, 5 minutes)
     A. What we did/concluded
     B. Concerns or compliments about how the meeting went
III. Old Business 
     A. “Project A” (Chris, 5 minutes)
     B. “Project B” (Pat, 10 minutes)
IV. New Business
     A. “New Project C” (Dylan, 10 minutes)
     B. “New Project D” (Kerry, 3 minutes) 
V. Awards/honors/compliments (3 minutes)
VI. Announcements [open forum]