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Advising Senate


Purposes of Hall Senate

The senate is a forum for leadership development. It represents both house and hall residents’ interests by advising the Department of Residence on residential living matters and by planning and supporting activities that encourage outstanding citizenship and scholarship.

Basic Responsibility

Creating and sustaining communities of outstanding citizens and scholars is central to the hall coordinator, complex coordinator and assistant hall coordinator roles. One of the key venues for accomplishing this mission is hall government.

The coordinator is responsible for advising the senate and is encouraged to incorporate an assistant hall coordinator (if there is one) in troubleshooting, as needed. 

Important Advising Objectives

Important general objectives to pursue include the following:
· Know as much as possible about the recent history of the organization and the hall “culture” within which it will begin to operate (and realize that you can help improve both).
· Know as much as possible about the backgrounds, personalities and motivations of the executives of the organization, particularly the president.
· Develop close professional relationships with each of the executives, particularly the president.
· Clarify with the executives the ground rules you believe will make an effective group (frequency of meeting times, one-on-one and as a group; minimum communication standards among the group; conflict resolution methods, etc.)
· Set the example, by being as open, honest and genuine about who you are and what you know (and don’t know) from the very beginning.
· Constantly seek to improve your ability to be a resource, without expecting to ever be completely knowledgeable. 
· Share with them your professional goals regarding them as individuals and as a group. Then, seek feedback from them about how well you are doing…and use it to increase your effectiveness.