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Essentials Packages



Essentials Package Essentials Package - $28.00
Includes notebooks, folders, loose-leaf paper, note cards, post-it notes, highlighters, pens, mechanical pencils, glue stick, stapler and paper clips.
Snack_Attack_Essentials.jpg Essentials Mini Snack-Attack - $15.00
Includes candy bars, snack cakes, a bag of candy, chips, Chex Mix, peanuts and a beverage.
Essentials Sniffles Essentials Sniffles - $25.00
Includes tissues, Chapstick, hand sanitizer, soap, soup, breakfast bar, snack crackers, juice, Gatorade and bottled water.
Finals Package Essentials Finals Package - $8.00
Includes note cards, highligher, pen, mechanical pencil, candy bar, snack crackers and a beverage.

Delivery/Special Instructions

  • When placing an order, list any food allergies the recipient may have.
  • Include your personal greeting to be included with the package.
  • Pickup/Delivery: select the date and shipping method and include pickup/delivery time in the "Special Instructions."
  • All Essentials Packages are available for pickup at Essentials in Maucker Union, or can be delivered on campus for an additional $5. 
  • Orders placed after 4:00 pm will be processed the following day.
  • Packages can be personalized by contacting Essentials Manager, Shelley Pruess, at

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