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Biscotti's and computer lab will move to Shull Hall for spring semester 2013

Biscotti’s (the convenience store and bakery) and the computer lab in Redeker Center will be relocating to the lower level of Shull Hall for spring semester 2013.  The hours for Biscotti’s will remain the same and hours for the computer lab will be the same as Biscotti’s.

The move is necessary to accommodate Redeker expansion construction.  Biscotti’s current location is approximately 1,200 square feet.  When Biscotti’s returns to Redeker Center (in the same location), customers will have access 2,600 square feet of retail space. 

Available space, access for students and deliveries were among the factors favoring Shull Hall as the temporary home for Biscotti’s and the computer lab.  The computer lab entrance will be in the relocated Biscotti’s.  There will be approximately 10 computers.  Access will be through the Shull Hall skywalk and the ground level entrance at the west stairwell of Shull Hall (closest entrance to Noehren Hall).  Shull hallways will be locked at the west stairwell and accessible for Shull residents with their key.

Other spring semester computer labs on the south side of campus will be located in Rider Hall and the bridge lounge between Hagemann and Noehren Halls (open till midnight) and in Panther Village (open till 9 p.m.). The closest 24-hour computer lab will be in Towers Center.

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