Individual Studies

Flexibility and personalization provides opportunities

It's all about options. The Individual Studies Office strives to provide programs that appeal to students interested in educational experiences that differ from the norm.

Individual Studies major

Enables students to create an individualized major by selecting courses reflecting specific personal and career objectives. Provides an opportunity to explore interdisciplinary areas of study before they are officially adopted as a departmental or interdepartmental major.

General Studies major

Typically for students looking for a degree covering a broad area of study. Provides the option of completing a degree through evening courses.

General Studies for Registered Nurses major

Allows work completed for RN certification or licensure to be transferred as credit toward a Bachelor of Arts degree. One of the most expedient ways for an RN to receive a degree at UNI, including evening course options to provide flexibility in career and education planning.

National Student Exchange

Enables students to study at another college or university within the U.S., its territories or Canada while paying UNI tuition. Allows students to experience specialized courses and unique program.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

If you are halfway or closer to completing your college education, or if you've received your Associate of Arts degree, the University of Northern Iowa Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) offers a convenient, flexible alternative to the traditional path to a bachelor's degree.

Guided Independent Study (GIS)

Enrollment in GIS courses is open and offers a convenient way to earn college credit - enroll at any time, set your own schedule and work at your own pace. Coursework is completed entirely at a distance — no on-campus attendance required.